“ The ceremony of this road project remind us about many years ago there was a lot of chaos’s on these mountains but now thanks to DCE these mountains are a good opportunity to the development of the country by connecting the people. As we all know our defense is protecting our country and side by side you are participating in the development of the country. You are devoted and committed to finish this good and attractive road project in such difficult weather condition and complex landscape. I would like to express my happiness on behalf of transport minister and myself. Congratulations! Pride to Martyrs! ”

Dr. Workineh Gebeyehu

(Transport Minister)

“ This is just the starting of Defense construction enterprise and you will deliver a lot in the future. It has a chance to be one of the biggest construction company in Africa with stable and sustainable domestic performance and skills. DCE should export its service to others and that should be the measurement of the company performance. Yes you can! We are waiting your big Success! ”

Dr. Kasu Ilala

(European Union & Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg) Countries Ambassador)

” Berhale – Dalol asphalt road is one of the difficult project because of the security issues and the weather conditions, the temperature may reach about 50-550C, which is very challenging even for surviving but DCE did the impossible journey to reality by doing one of the most important road for the country. DCE has a good management system and documentation plus good relationship with the partners. DCE also pay salary to the employees on time. In general DCE is one of the leading construction companies in Ethiopia especially in road construction projects. “

Engineer Melese Gebremariam

(Construction Design Share Company)

” Based on our contractual agreement DCE is building quality roads even in remote areas which includes difficult weather conditions. DCE built Mekele-Adwa, Agula-Berhale and Berhale-Dalol road including the design. We saw DCE has a better potentials in quality and financé from other foreign construction companies. DCE is always devoted and motivated to finish projects without complain. Thanks to DCE we are doing our jobs based on our plan including remote area projects. I hope we will go further together for a better success. ”

Ato Samson Wondimu

(ERA communication director)

” If we are using DCE as a super power for the infrastructures development we will strive success in constructing a country. After a few years I hope DCE will build Mega hydroelectric dams, Railways and sophisticated road projects. So DCE is our Big hope for the develo0pment. DCE built 2700 hectar with a total of 41km irrigation for our organization. The 25,000hectar sugar cane was produced to Tendaho Sugar Factory. We see DCE as a well-organized and motivated organization to do tasks. We suggest DCE to participate in Mega projects like road, railways and irrigation to minimize our foreign expenses. We are grateful to have you and ready to do jobs in the future.’’

Engineer Wondimu Tekle

(Water, irrigation and energy deputy minister)